Do it Yourself Tree Removal

Prepare to cut down the tree.

Safety should always come first, take a look at the area surrounding the tree while taking considerations of objects such as houses, power lines, fences and other structures that might be in the tree’s vicinity. Proceed on the task if the tree falling zone is safe if otherwise, call a professional to do the job. In case of power lines in the zone alert the supply authority to put them off.

Decide on the direction to fell the tree.

The direction of the wind and the direction in which the tree leans should always be the main factors in determining the direction of felling the tree. If the tree leans in a direction with obstacles always contact a professional to do the work. In windy areas consider felling the tree in the direction of the wind.

Felling the tree.

Once you’ve ensured that the tree fell zone is safe, it’s now time to get down to business. Below is the procedure to follow when cutting the tree.

Point the chain saw in the direction you want the tree to fall. Using the sights on top of the chainsaw make a 60 degrees angle cut in the tree’s trunk, saw the trunk to a depth of about 20-25% of the tree’s diameter. You should then make another cut now horizontal to the trunk in the same direction to meet the top cut so that you now have a notch curve which faces in the tree fell direction.

At this stage, you should ensure no people or animals are in the radius of the tree felling zone. Saw a horizontal cut a few inches above and in the opposite direction of the notch curve. Then stop cutting a few inches before reaching the directional notch, this will create a hinge that will enable the tree to fall controllably. You should then use a felling wedge as a lever so as to make the tree to begin to fall. Lastly, retreat and watch as the tree falls. Ensure you aren’t in the direction of fall.

If DIY tree removal is not for you, don’t hesitate to call Virginia Beach Tree Service.  They offer complete tree care services to include professional yet affordable tree removal service.