You Don’t Want a Potted Plant to Take a Bite Out of Your Tree

tree damage

You Don’t Want a Potted Plant to Take a Bite Out of Your Tree

Tree damage can be a very frustrating experience. Since so many trees are planted to beautify our land and provide a sense of serenity and beauty, losing a limb or part of a tree is difficult to take because it can be costly in the long run.

Tree damage can occur with weather events as well as many other causes such as disease and insects. Every year trees die as a result of winter storms, strong winds, freezing temperatures, or hail. These events cause destruction of the roots and the leaves.

Many homeowners are concerned about the damage to their trees caused by excessive sun exposure during the day. Sunlight also causes leaves to fall off trees. If the weather is too cold the leaves will freeze and the water will freeze on the tree’s underside. Eventually the root system of the tree will freeze, causing rotting and death.

A home with a large tree, especially an older one, can receive many different types of tree damage. Those who have lived there for years sometimes get a very close look at how this problem has affected the environment. Certain trees are selected because they grow extremely fast. If they are planted near water then a small amount of rainwater can do much damage.

Tree damaged in order to gain heat will pull up all the fallen leaves on the ground. These leaves freeze as they fall, giving the tree a very thin layer of snow on the ground. If this snow is not replenished then the tree can soon die. Another type of tree damage is when some trees become stunted in their growth by missing their branches.

Trees that are growing rapidly with healthy roots can be damaged quickly. Those with a healthy diet of good nutrients are often able to overcome the changes brought about by neglect. Many of these types of trees are difficult to care for and may be worth the cost if you consider how easy it is to give up a healthy home if you decide to sell.

Trees can bring beauty and hope to a property, but if they are attacked by bad weather then they can bring ruin. The landscape should be cared for, to provide the best conditions for healthy growth. If they are being grafted onto another structure such as a building, then there should be no risk to the new growth. However, if a new home is to be built, care must be taken to ensure that it does not touch a tree.